Sweeten your visit at Elite Plaza Hotel with one of our nice activities! Below is a selection of the various activities:

Wine Tasting:

Minimum 10 persons.


Grape tasting:

4 wines produced on different grapes, 2 white and 2 red.
Price per person: 425:-


Character Tests:

4 wines produced on the same grape, from the same source. For example, 4 different Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.
Price per person: 495:-

Champagne Tastings:

Minimum 10 persons.

4 kinds of Champagne with different grape compositions from different districts of Champagne to be tested. We go through different wine styles. What does barrel storage do for the Champagne?
Price per person: 695:-

Cheese Tastings:

Minimum 10 persons.

A test along with Jenny Svensson with cheeses from the time-honored French cheese producer "Androuet."
Price from 2500:- and 125 SEK/person.

Chocolate Testing:

Minimum 10 persons.

Testing of 8 different kinds of chocolate with 2 drinks and coffee. History, production, chocolate and drink in combination.
Price per person SEK 350:-

All prices include sales tax.

We gladly welcome your own suggestions on activities and plans and tailor them to your company. For more information and reservation please contact:


Swea Hof - phone: 031-720-40 40, email: sweahof@elite.se or
Conference - phone: 031-720 40 13, email: conference.gbgplaza@elite.se.

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